Patrick Coleman

Patrick Coleman writes prose poems, fiction, essays, and other things.


Patrick Coleman's writing has appeared in Hobart, ZYZZYVA, Zócalo Public Square, the Black Warrior Review, and the Utne Reader, among others. His debut collection of poems, Fire Season, won the 2015 Berkshire Prize and is forthcoming from Tupelo Press on December 1, 2018 (pre-order here!). His first novel, The Churchgoer, will be published by Harper Perennial. The Art of Music, an exhibition catalogue on the relationship between visual arts and music that he edited and contributed to, was co-published by Yale University Press and the San Diego Museum of Art. He earned an MFA from Indiana University and a BA from the University of California Irvine. He lives in Ramona, California, with his wife and two daughters, and is Assistant Director of the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at UC San Diego.


Fire Season

Winner of the 2015 Berkshire Prize from Tupelo Press

Forthcoming december 1, 2018

Pre-Order here!


Prose poems, written aloud into a digital recorder on his commute to and from his former job as a low-level art museum curator, that chart economic anxieties, new parenthood, working among art objects, and the southern California landscape that burned in the 2007 Witch Creek fire.

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The Churchgoer

Forthcoming from Harper Perennial

A Raymond Chandler-inspired novel exploring southern California—the drug trade, greedy real estate developers, and its Evangelical megachurches—and one man's quest to come to terms with his tumultuous past.



The Art of Music

Exhibition catalogue (Editor and contributor)

published by yale university press and the san diego museum of art

An illustrated and interdisciplinary look at the mutual influence between music and the visual arts across cultures and eras.


Short Prose

Selections of some previously published stuff.

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Into the Impossible

hosted, produced, and edited for the arthur c. clarke center for Human imagination at UC San diego

A podcast on how we imagine, and how what we imagine shapes what we do, in the spirit of Arthur C. Clarke's law that the only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

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