“The Churchgoer isn’t a typical noir novel—it’s a smart new twist on the genre…. Defiantly original and faithful to its literary predecessors—the novel’s pacing is perfect, and Coleman does an excellent job building suspense.”

—Michael Schaub, Los Angeles Times

"The Churchgoer uses all the hallmarks of its genre—from punchy sentences to profound and sometimes overwrought observations about the gloominess of life and the terribleness of people, to the youthful ingénue, to the unfolding of a possible conspiracy—in order to tell a story that criticizes every element of these dynamics. As a narrator, Mark is fantastic precisely because he's self-aware in a way that noir doesn't tend to showcase, and because his earnest history as a man of faith who's been through years of loss and pain makes his mind a complex place in which to dwell. His hardness leads to moments of strange grace." —Ilana Masad, NPR

"Though Mr. Coleman’s book sounds echoes of Raymond Chandler and Kem Nunn, The Churchgoer marks the debut of a strong and original voice in the California noir tradition."

—Tom Nolan, Wall Street Journal

One of Lit Hub’s Most Anticipated Books of Summer:

“Patrick Coleman combines evangelical malpractice, noirish cynicism, and seedy southern California underworlds in this debut literary noir.… With a palpable nod to Raymond Chandler, this forceful mystery is an exploration of religion, responsibility, and the inverted forces at play in the modern world..’”

—Camille LeBlanc, Lit Hub

One of CrimeRead’s Most Anticipated Books of Summer.

One of the Star Tribune’s 45 Books to Keep You Reading All Summer:

“Amen for this gripping debut! A prodigal ex-pastor’s compassion for a homeless woman sends him to the altar of a big church and its oversized religion, where he wrestles with the seven deadly sins.” —Carole E. Barrowman, Star Tribune

“This is a California noir with a twist.… Suggest this … to anyone who finds poetry in dark-journey narratives.”

Booklist review

“[R]eaders will be curious to see what the author does next.”

Publishers Weekly review

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